Monday, December 12, 2011

Royal Hair Straightener

Welcome to my blog! I just recently bought the HOTTEST flat iron on the market right now and thought i would share a little of its cool techniques. I had picked the Hot Pink Leopard addition, The guy who was selling it to me said "Pick out the one that matches your personality".  :D  .. So as you can see above i put a picture of all the functions that are on the iron itself. Very long cord with a swivel which makes it so easy to do curls, On/Off switch, Infrared technology, And the best part 100% ceramic plates!

If your anything like me you probably asked or asking yourself do you really need a new iron??, Should you spend the money?? Will it be worth it in the long run?? Honestly i would not be putting this product on here if i didnt think that all my question got answerd with a YES after one use. My last flat iron was a Revlon Wet to Dry. After every use i still found myself putting frizz serum in my hair and needing to go over it more then once, And if i wanted my hair to be curly with a nice sleek shine to it i would have to use the curling iron after words. It was always such a long process that i hated. Thanks to the Royal iron doing my hair every day is fun, easy, and makes you feel like a proffesional hair stylist.

This iron will straighten or curl ANY type of hair. From very fine hair to super thick and wavy hair. If your a traveler who like to visit the world this is also a great product to have for your hair. As we all know most American product voltages are to high for foreign outages, But since this is a European product and made the plates are made of 100% ceramic,  The voltage only goes up to 80degc to 230degc. 

This mean the Royal iron will work all around the world ( well, in most countries :D ). The most rewarding part of this iron is the 5 year warranty it comes with. So if anything at all were to malfunction on it for any reason are are completly covered.

The first time i used it was on my mom who has very thick red hair. I usually have to use rollers in hair because the curling iron just simply did not make it stay. And since i only had one set of rollers i would have to do half of her hair at a time, So you could imagine how many hours this process was every time. So i figured that is why she would be the best person to test this on. I split her hair in sections like i usually do and started from the bottom then worked my way up. I put bouncy curls all thru her hair in less then 15mins with no blow dryer, NO HAIRSPRAY at all and those curls stayed in her hair for 2 days! Try checking out the link on youtube. It is honestly everything it says it is and MORE!